Status of file move operation on completed download

My current setup with sonarr is the docker preview (v3) image on a windows 10 machine with a torrent client. I have the download folder on the super-fast SSD drive, and on completed download handling it moves it to a drive pool. Then it connects via emby to refresh the media.

All of this works great, but a lot of the times I will download and then look at the torrent client to see that it hits 100%, and then wait for the copy. I wish there was a way to see the status of the copy operation, either as a notification event, in the completed download handling, or both.

%complete (for those like me not using hardlinks) would be a bonus.

Just realized that if I hover over the download icon in the activity tab it tells me this information. Maybe a different icon to indicate it is currently moving the file.

So I’ll add one more thing I noticed :slight_smile:

There is no “activity” on a manual import using the wanted section. So if you manual import a file, there is no indication that the file move was successful without checking logs or events.