Start Sonarr as Admin (Autostart W10?)


Sonarr version (exact version): (latest)
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): -
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs: -
Description of issue: I cant see my E:\ Drive-Letter unless i start Sonarr as Admin. Is there anyway that Sonarr always starts with admin priviliges?
I granted theese Files Admin Priv. without any improvments
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Sonarr\ Sonarr.exe
and every .exe inside C:\ProgramData\NzbDrone\bin


Does anyone have a solution?


You shouldn’t run Sonarr as admin, you instead determine why you can’t access the drive and resolve that. The FAQ has information on network shares that may be applicable here as well.


im running sonarr on windows 10 without any shared drives all drives are installed in my pc


How are you running Sonarr?

Does changing to run as a service or via tray icon (opposite of what you’re doing make a difference)?


i dont have a sonarr tray-icon so i guess i run it as a service? how could i change that?

// yes i found a sonarr (nzbdrone) service

Log after Restarting

18-10-11 10:03:00.9|Info|LifecycleService|Restart requested.
18-10-11 10:03:00.9|Info|CommandExecutor|Shutting down task execution
18-10-11 10:03:00.9|Info|Scheduler|Shutting down scheduler
18-10-11 10:03:01.0|Info|NzbDroneServiceFactory|Attempting to stop application.
18-10-11 10:03:01.0|Info|OwinHostController|Attempting to stop OWIN host
18-10-11 10:03:01.2|Info|OwinHostController|Host has stopped
18-10-11 10:03:01.2|Info|NzbDroneServiceFactory|Application has finished stop routine.
18-10-11 10:03:01.2|Info|ConsoleApp|Exiting main.
18-10-11 10:03:04.1|Info|Bootstrap|Starting Sonarr - C:\ProgramData\NzbDrone\bin\nzbdrone.console.exe - Version
18-10-11 10:03:04.6|Info|Router|Application mode: Service
18-10-11 10:03:04.8|Info|MigrationLogger|*** Migrating data source=C:\ProgramData\NzbDrone\nzbdrone.db;cache size=-10485760;datetimekind=Utc;journal mode=Wal;pooling=True;version=3 ***
18-10-11 10:03:05.0|Info|MigrationLogger|*** Migrating data source=C:\ProgramData\NzbDrone\logs.db;cache size=-10485760;datetimekind=Utc;journal mode=Wal;pooling=True;version=3 ***
18-10-11 10:03:05.3|Info|OwinHostController|Listening on the following URLs:
18-10-11 10:03:05.3|Info|OwinHostController| http://*:8989/
18-10-11 10:03:05.6|Info|NancyBootstrapper|Starting Web Server

Current Error-Message under Status
Missing root folder: E:\

The Wiki link doesnt help, just running Sonarr as Admin helps (for now)


Stop the service and run either NzbDrone.exe or NzbDrone.Console.exe, if another instance is already running it won’t start a new one.


i deactivated the service, put sonarr in autostart and restarted my pc and problem was gone ty :slight_smile:


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