Stance on Multilanguage Metadata?

I have come across a rather annoying issue in regards to languages. Though v3 has the feature to search for specific languages for the videos themselves, metadata will always be shown in english, even though many shows have metadata for other languages too. Since i am reliant on my folder and filenames (i use Episode Titles too!), i run into trouble adding native german shows.

Sonarr currently has no option to change metadata languages. It also wouldn’t pick the metadata according to the preferred download-language.
This topic has gotten into it a few years back but was ultimately closed:


I feel like its a small but serious flaw for non-native english collectors which probably could easily be dealt with.
Whats the stance on this topic from the sonarr team?

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It’s not closed, it’s open. Comments are locked because of the large amount of noise, not everyone needs to get a ping when someone wants to +1 it or complain about it not being added.

It’ll get done eventually, but requires significant changes to our TVDB proxy before changes in Sonarr can be done.

thanks for the insight and the good work!

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