SSL not working?


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 1809
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Cannot get SSL working. Copied settings like Sonarr V2, but it’s not working.


Those look like errors with Sonarr connecting to a download client/something Sonarr connects to, not Sonarr’s SSL.

SSL hasn’t changes between v2 and v3.


It seems to be an issue with Windows 10… Trying to investigate why windows 10 is not allowing SSL.


It’s weird. I installed windows 10 1809 clean.
I installed SABNzbd+ with SSL, which works fine.
Installed Sonarr V3 and Radarr.
Both SSL do not work. I have no idea on how to analyze the situation.
Is there a debug feature for SSL?

Reinstalled a new VM with 1809. Clean install Sonarr V3, but I cannot get SSL to work…


You imported the certificate into the correct certificate store and set the thumbprint properly within Sonarr?

You’ll also need to restart Sonarr as admin once to register the port/thumbprint, beyond that we’ll need trace logs of Sonarr starting up to diagnose further.


Problem solved… => User issue…
I did something wrong while importing the certificate.

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