Sorting with Sonarr

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Debian 10.1
Description of issue:
Ok Sonarr finds the series, downloads it via sabnzbd and moves it to the tv-folder but misses to move into the series-folder.

What I want:
------Season 1
-----------Episodename S01E01.something

Instead it looks like this:
—Episodename S01E01.folder
------Episodename S01E01.something

How do I get it to do what I want?

Is Sonarr actually moving it? (History will show an imported event)
Sonarr moves things according to you naming settings, make sure those are correct.

If you’re still having issues, post debug logs of an import and link them here.

@markus101I do think so, the episodes are on the history page.
Nothing else is set to move anything only Sonarr.

I upped my log settings to debug to se what happens.

I dont have Sonarr open in front of me but i thought there was a Use Season Folder option to use it and a way to specify the naming convention.

Grab or import, both have events in history.

There is (at the series level) and a media management setting to specify the format.

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