Sonnar Won't sort eppsoides

Well I’ve just got sonarr and sabnzbd working on dsm7.

I ve got as far as it putting my files in the unsorted folder but can’t get it to sort out files it’s downloaded and put it in the completed folder in correct season ect ect

Had it working but that was before I messed it up and went to dsm 7

I have been trying to sort this out all day! I thought it was just me - and that I had done something! The downloads are moved to the TV folder - but not sorted into show/season. All since DSM 7! The log file has things like “Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr”.

  1. Download clients should move nothing to your library/root folder; if they are then you are either out of date or just ignoring the healthcheck
  2. DSM7 screwed up everything with permissions. switch to docker if possible; otherwise fix your permissions. “Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr”.

A reminder that the Synocommunity and not Team Sonarr maintain and support the Synology NAS packages

I have the same issue with importing downloaded files.
Using Sonarr with SABnzb. Downloading goes just fine but I get a permission error while importing.
The downloads folder has thye right permissions but it looks like the new created subfolders that are created by SABnzb for the downloads dot not take over these permissions. When I give these subfolders permissions mannually all downloads will be sorted.

I was looking for a script that runs evey now and than to add permissions to the new created subfolders.
If someone can help me with this script or has another fix for DSM7 that would make the day.

2021-09-14 09:32:11.5|Warn|ImportApprovedEpisodes|Couldn't import episode /volume4/Downloads/Complete/The.Last.Kingdom.S02E01.1080p.BluRay.EAC3.AVC-PiR8/The.Last.Kingdom.S02E01.1080p.BluRay.EAC3.AVC-PiR8.mkv

2021-09-14 09:36:40.9|Warn|ImportApprovedEpisodes|Couldn't import episode /volume4/Downloads/Complete/Animal.Kingdom.S05E10.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-KiNGS/Animal.Kingdom.S05E10.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-KiNGS.mkv

[v3.0.6.1265] System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied.
  at System.IO.File.Move (System.String sourceFileName, System.String destFileName) [0x00116] in <4a89e81f3d9644e6a5d556824ae3eaf1>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Common.Disk.DiskProviderBase.MoveFileInternal (System.String source, System.String destination) [0x00000] in <11136e1590e2463e903086340d35290e>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Mono.Disk.DiskProvider.MoveFileInternal (System.String source, System.String destination) [0x000a3] in <7834a0bc7d0841f6b5d32356705ed00a>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Common.Disk.DiskProviderBase.MoveFile (System.String source, System.String destination, System.Boolean overwrite) [0x000e1] in <11136e1590e2463e903086340d35290e>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Common.Disk.DiskTransferService.TryMoveFileVerified (System.String sourcePath, System.String targetPath, System.Int64 originalSize) [0x00047] in <11136e1590e2463e903086340d35290e>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Common.Disk.DiskTransferService.TransferFile (System.String sourcePath, System.String targetPath, NzbDrone.Common.Disk.TransferMode mode, System.Boolean overwrite) [0x004b9] in <11136e1590e2463e903086340d35290e>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeFileMovingService.TransferFile (NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeFile episodeFile, NzbDrone.Core.Tv.Series series, System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] episodes, System.String destinationFilePath, NzbDrone.Common.Disk.TransferMode mode) [0x00129] in <b2ccbaa5d8e7430c8f2be515a642b6b9>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeFileMovingService.MoveEpisodeFile (NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeFile episodeFile, NzbDrone.Core.Parser.Model.LocalEpisode localEpisode) [0x00054] in <b2ccbaa5d8e7430c8f2be515a642b6b9>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.UpgradeMediaFileService.UpgradeEpisodeFile (NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeFile episodeFile, NzbDrone.Core.Parser.Model.LocalEpisode localEpisode, System.Boolean copyOnly) [0x001ab] in <b2ccbaa5d8e7430c8f2be515a642b6b9>:0 
  at NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeImport.ImportApprovedEpisodes.Import (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] decisions, System.Boolean newDownload, NzbDrone.Core.Download.DownloadClientItem downloadClientItem, NzbDrone.Core.MediaFiles.EpisodeImport.ImportMode importMode) [0x0029b] in <b2ccbaa5d8e7430c8f2be515a642b6b9>:0