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Not sure which update brought this issue. Earlier i used to see episode times in the local time zone. Service logs are still in the local time zone but the UI is showing UTC time for episodes. Same can also be seen on the System -> Log Files page where it list the time of the last update of the log. That time is in UTC as well.

Wondering if there is a new config that i am missing or if this is a bug. I do have the TZ env var set to appropriate time zone.

Edit: Update this seem to be only happening in firefox. I am on version 65.0.1 (64-bit) on mac os 10.14.3. Chrome is working fine.


What about private browsing?

Dates/times are based on the timezone, do you have an extension/setting that attempts to anonymize your browsing by setting your timezone to UTC instead of your local timezone?


Ah i think this is it. I have to determine which plugin it is. I basically enabled all the plugins suggested by

Happens even on the private browsing tab.

Hmm. Disabled all plugins and restarted firefox and still see the issue. I do have various configs set in about:config so may be its one of those.


check privacy.resistFingerprinting in about:config, and dont forget to restart firefox afterwards

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