Sonarr won't move files downloaded through transmission to its series folder

Sonarr version:
Mono version:
OS: Manjaro KDE
Debug logs:

Freshly installed ~12 hours ago

Description of issue:
When a download (transmission) is finished the downloaded episode will not be moved to the folder it should be moved to

  1. Transmission downloads episode to: /media/torrent/complete/serie/EP1.mkv
  2. Sonarr should move this file to: /media/tv/serie/season/ep1.mkv

it’s not doing step 2 for me.

Side Note: When I click the “manual import” button it will move the episode to the right folder.

I don’t see any attempts to import from Transmission in this log file.

What does Sonarr show in Activity: Queue? (Hover over the icon on the left for more information about each item).

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