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First of is {MediaInfo HDR} = {MediaInfo VideoDynamicRange} and which one works?

I am trying to replace Filebot and for some reason I cannot add the file data with a “.” between formats?

[WEBDL-720p.h264 EAC3.5.1]

[{Quality Title}.{MediaInfo Simple}.{MediaInfo HDR}.{MediaInfo AudioChannels}]

[{Quality Title}.{MediaInfo VideoCodec}.{MediaInfo HDR}.{MediaInfo AudioFormat}.{MediaInfo AudioChannels}]

Trying to get as much data as possible split by “.”

Filebot gives me:

Its like the combination isnt allowing me any “.” I did remove the {MediaInfo Simple} and replaced it with {MediaInfo VideoCodec} and {MediaInfo AudioFormat} in order to split them up

Any other functions?

Also is there any way to change the country code letters to 3 digits?
(My entire collection is with 3 letters and I just noticed that Sonarr only uses 2
(Not a biggie)


Have you looked at the tokens the UI shows? I believe almost all of this is all covered in the naming help/token list within the UI (accessed by the question mark button after the input).

(Hint: use periods instead of spaces if you want Sonarr to use periods instead of spaces when renaming, the same as v2 had).

No, they come from TheTVDB, which uses 2 letters for country codes.


What about the above?

Not sure what you mean?
(Hint: use periods instead of spaces if you want Sonarr to use periods instead of spaces when renaming, the same as v2 had).


{MediaInfo VideoDynamicRange} is shown in that modal, so that’d be the one to use.

{MediaInfo.Simple} instead of {MediaInfo Simple} (you can also choose Period in the File Name Tokens (naming help) modal and Sonarr will show you the token + the result.



Lats Q showing:

The output is always HDTV-720 not HDTV 720


You need to edit the quality to use a space instead of a dash so it’s actually replaced. (Settings: Quality)


Thanks! didnt realize that the Quality naming was actual the names used in the renaming!

One thing: Every time I try to add this {MediaInfo.VideoDynamicRange} I get an error and cant save the string… I think this is an error


Yes and already fixed.



Wow that was quick… Thanks

Maybee one more error

{MediaInfo AudioFormat}.{MediaInfo AudioChannels}

does not provide Audioformat only the channels


Ahh that should be Codec instead of Format. We’ll have to fix that.

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