Sonarr v3 not moving queue items to history?!

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Dockerized my Linuxserver
OS: Debian 9

Sonarr works as I want it to all but one little detail…
Under the Activity tab and under Queue all downloads stays even if they are finished.
Arnt they supposed to go to History after a time period? Or when they are finished?

There are several things in history. The imported event in history only shows up after Sonarr imports the file, if it’s sitting in the Queue and not importing the logs will tell you why (as will the information in Queue, such as hovering over the icon on the left).

Ok, I have also noticed that I have to remake my setting for Sonarr v3.

@ratnose2 is it similar to this?

I’ve been trying to catch this on trace logs for weeks now but it only keeps 30 minutes worth of trace logs so I haven’t been able to catch it on the logs at all.

Start with debug logs and if they’re in the queue, clear the logs and restart Sonarr, within a few minutes you’d have all the info in trace logs.

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