Sonarr v3 - next airing fields all blank

Sonarr version (
Mono version (
OS: QNAP QTS 4.4.1
Debug logs:
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Description of issue:

I recently installed sonarr v3 from scratch, deleting an old sonarr 2.0 installation, as this stopped working after I upgraded my qnap to the latest firmware (finally)

i wasn’t able to back up any of my settings so just started from scratch. installation went well and i was able to import all my shows, with the only glitch a poster of Dead to Me that refuses to get populated/downloaded despite multiple refreshes

The bigger issue i found was that the entire next airing field is completely blank, along with the calendar. i swear some of them were populated when the shows were being imported, but now they are all blank. (for both monitored and unmonitored shows)

is this a known bug?

Just realized - under Calendar view, nothing shows up if filter is set for Monitored (even though there are Monitored shows). If I set filter to All, then show schedules pop up

Under Series - Table view, the entire column for Next Airing is blank

Under Series - Posters view, I recall when I first installed that there were dates for next airing, under Monitored
Next Airing

but now these are blank for all shows

Appreciate any help

Sounds like there aren’t any monitored episodes for those shows. Use Season Pass to update the initial monitored state for episodes.

Thank you, you’re correct. For some reason, all monitored shows I picked didn’t put a monitor on state for future shows. All sorted!

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