Sonarr V3 crashing on Mac

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Mac OS Yosemite
Debug logs:
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I upgraded Sonarr to V3 recently, and it seems to crash every day or every few days. I’ve attached the latest log after relaunching the app. It seems to run ok for a little while before crashing, and seems to launch ok when I go and launch the app again. I see there is some kind of Epic fail in the log caused by Mono but I’m not sure how to handle.

To start upgrade mono, 5.20 is the recommended version. 5.2 is almost 2 years older than 5.20 and missing tons of fixes.

Weird I must have thought I was downloading the right version when I grabbed it from the repo the other day. I’ll just grab the latest stable and try it since it says it works with 10.9 and above…

I updated to the very latest mono and all seems to be running OK at the moment. Thanks!

OK spoke too soon. I updated to the latest Sonarr ( and now it’s crashing again (previous version seemed to be ok?)…

(Mono version is still at

And now I see another Sonarr update. Updating to now and will report back if it crashes…

When you install a new version, does that cause Sonarr to hit the indexer API a bunch of times? It looks like Sonarr is hitting my indexer so many times that my indexer is cutting me off (I have a limit of 1000 api hits a day).

Sonarr showed this task after updating:
RSS Sync Completed. Reports found: 1000, Reports grabbed: 2

If you were on then Sonarr was barely functional since no tasks were running.


Getting 1000 reports from a single indexer would be 10 API calls (100 per page) + 2 for the grabs.

If you had one of the series that TVDB recently completely changed the episode numbering for then likely that’s what used them all.

(There are other series affected as well).

My indexer has now banned my account for abuse. This seems to have started when I upgraded to V3 (I would get an error in Sonarr that my indexer couldn’t be reached, and then I would go check my indexer and see that for some reason my API calls were abnormal and going over my limit). Can you tell from my log if Sonarr has done a bunch of API calls to my indexer?


The logs only show 92 RSS Syncs and 1 search, so unless you have another instance running it’s not from Sonarr.

OK then I’m thoroughly confused…still investigating…

Have you talked to them? They’re pretty active on IRC and maybe their forums and can tell you why it was blocked.

I sent them a message through the normal channel so waiting to hear back…

Back to the issue at hand…here’s the log after I had to launch Sonarr again after a crash (just checked to tonight to see if it was running and it wasn’t):

The log after won’t tell us why it failed.

Trace logs leading up to the crash, better if they’re standard output and error redirected to a file since the file logging won’t show errors from mono that lead to a crash.

OK I have enabled trace logs in the settings and will wait to see if it crashes again…

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