Sonarr update on Asustor

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Linux kernel 3.10.70
Debug logs:
Description of issue: update

Good Morning. I have an ASustor AS1002T NAS and I use the version of Sonarr made available by Asustor, still in version 2, for this NAS model. I would like to upgrade to version 3 but, apparently, the Linux of this NAS does not have systemd. Is there any way to install Sonarr on this NAS or do you provide a native apk? I cannot use Docker on this NAS because it has limited resources and the version of Docker made available does not seem very reliable.

systemd is not a requirement unless you’re using the debian/ubuntu package, you can use the standalone linux binaries:

What is the procedure for doing the generic installation?

download; extract the tarball; set permissions

I need a little more information. What command do I give to set permissions and run Sonarr?

the user you’ll be running sonarr under will need to own the appdata folder, the application folder, and have access to your library.

chown and chmod for permissions

mono --debug \path\to\Sonarr.exe to run it