Sonarr stopped auto-downloading

Sonarr version:
OS: W10 21h2
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

For some reason I can’t seem to find out Sonarr stopped auto-downloading all TV shows via IPTorrents, it used to work. My debug logs show no errors, at least not to me. For example, Chicago Med S07E20 that aired tonight didn’t start downloading, although all conditions are met.

I have no idea what happened since I didn’t change any settings. I would appreciate it if I could get some help. Thanks

You’d need debug logs from that feed which would show if it was on and if so why it was rejected

Most likely it was not on the feed of new uploads or did not meet your criteria at that time

The 9h afterward the episode was present on IPT and met the criteria. So what now?

Also, where do I find the debug from the feed?

Simply being on your tracker means nothing.

You’d need to have had debug logs enabled at the time of the feed. Since you did not it’s impossible to figure out why it was not grabbed. Most likely it was not on the feed of new uploads or did not have your min seeders.

For logs in the future, the forum post template links to the wiki for how to get and share logs