Sonarr still deletes subtitles

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OS: Docker on Ubuntu
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I’m newbie in Sonarr. I installed v2 several months ago and indexed all my series collection in Sonarr. I’m not sure why but it started to add additional metadata files in some folders and delete the subtitles from other folders. I enabled the recycle bin feature and whitelisted the subtitles extension and it worked fine…
A week ago I updated Sonarr to the latest version, and I found that all subtitles from an old series were moved into the recycle bin again. Some files were missing at all, Hopefully I still keep those data on DVDs…

Probably these issues have been discussed many times, most of the discussions here are 5 years old. probably there are new solutions.

The main question is: How can I permanently forbid Sonarr to delete any files in my collections or add any unwanted files such as metadata xml files or poster pictures? I cannot restore my subtitles files every day and check if the all files are the correct one, The collection should stay immutable and extended only (if possible).

The “Add new episode” feature works great. There are probably some minor issues but they are not so important as the above ones.

Settings > Media Management > Import Extra Files

Is this setting disabled?

It’s enabled, and the additional setting “Import Extra Files” is set to “srt,png,jpeg,txt,sub” as shown in the example

youll probably want to enable trace or debug logging (i cant remember which is higher) until it logs it deleting them, then put it back to info (or whatever youre comfortable with) and search the logs for it deleting the srt files.

once you have the right logs file youll need to upload them to google/one drive or something similar so the devs can take a look at whats happening.

The issue has happened several times since my last post.
I stopped the Sonarr docker container and started it on 2021.01.17. Several seconds later the subtitles of two series were deleted (moved to “Recycle bin” folder).
Here attached you could find the logs I extracted (zip link)
I cant see any error but the issue happened after the “Creating missing series folder” lines.
The folder actually exists.
Let me know if you need any other logs and info.
The container is stopped now.

Probably trace logs would help here.

The trace logs are part of the attached zip, or I need to enable more detailed trace logs?
As I can see the issue is weird: The Sonarr can’t find a folder (connection problem, etc.) and starts deleting everything in the “missing” folder. Why? Any comment from the Dev Team?

Ah sorry, my bad, I missed the link, carry on :smile:

What type of storage are your series folders stored on? Because Sonarr asking if the series folder exists and getting a negative result back will result in a number of things happening that wouldn’t if the result was correct. The question is why is something lying about that folder not existing, it could be the filesystem, OS or mono, possibly something else, but Sonarr just does things based on the result.

The configuration is a bit complex:

  • The storage is a NAS device, connected to the local network.
  • The PC is a mini-PC, connected on the same network. (the LAN router and the PC are on top of the NAS device)
  • The PC OS is Ubuntu 20.04.1, The NAS folders are mounted to the PC using CIFS protocol.
  • The Sonarr runs on Docker, A Docker volume is configured between the “/films” folder in the container and the NAS path in the PC.

The same Docker runs Radarr, Lidarr, etc. There are probably connection issues in their logs too, but they don’t delete files from the NAS.

How can I check where the problem is? I would like to have all *arr applications running.

If possible try NFS instead of CIFS, in some environments CIFS/SMB can cause issues, though that more typically manifests in truncated files, but with the added complexity of your setup, NFS could help.

Beyond that, eliminate different pieces of the puzzle:

  • Do you see the same thing with a local disk instead of the CIFS share? (either run Sonarr on the NAS as a test or via a local mounted drive on the PC)

They should have similar logging and handling, it’s possible they aren’t experiencing the same issue because they’re not running under mono.

Just an update. It could help other users to fix the same issue.
I found on other forum post that the Linux kernel doesn’t work well on M.2 type SSD drive.
I installed the Linux on a standard HDD drive and everything has been working as expected for more than 3 weeks.