Sonarr randomly downloading old shows

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OS: Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia
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After a recent update, Sonarr goes bonkers and starts retrieving old shows that I’ve long since deleted. This happens occasionally. The only thing I seem to be able to do is to is to completely delete the show and re-add it.

I’m not sure what info to give as I’m not super familiar with where Sonarr scribbles decision info on how/when to retrieve episodes.

When you mean “deleted”, do you mean you still have the show in sonarr but you deleted the files?
If the episodes are still monitored, it’s always possible someone reuploads episodes, they appear on your indexers’ RSS feed, and sonarr will download them.

Hi, yes that is correct. The show is still being tracked and I went and deleted the files at some point. However, in most of these cases, it was trying to download very old seasons, like more than one season prior for example.

I could see what you describe happening for a fairly recent season, but not for one more than several months old.

Not really abnormal, every once in a while someone reuploads an entire show again…
You can prevent that in sonarr with the “Unmonitor Deleted Episodes” in Media Management.

Thanks, that makes total sense. I do have this box checked now. I saw some threads that questioned whether this setting is sticky only for new series after you’ve checked the box or whether it’s retroactive. Do you happen to know?

Sonarr will see the files are deleted and unmonitor them when it runs the Refresh Series task, which is every 12 hours.