Sonarr & radarr improvement

I only just got onto radarr and sonarr and one thing that hit me where the lack of spanning folders recursively *I know there’s an issue with media content stored without folders, but if a root folder have sub folders containing valid media it would be great if that was picked up example: Say 90% of your media is located in /media where you want to contain repeated/extended version in sub folders off /media (some media)…
/media/media series/.2013,
/media/media series/.2014,
/media/media series/.2015)

  • As it stands now I am forced to add every single sub root folder separately making it look like another root before the service is pickup up the content
  • If you have a number of folders structured to hold the entire release *like the ex “The Hunger Games” entire releases spanning some years) it wont pick this up from the root unless I create separate folders at a root level

Another issue I found is that if you want to start over i,e remove all references to already imported media, the service is not importing it again during scan/import - instead it present a blank screen with a message " Disabled movies are possible duplicates. If the match is incorrect, update the Tmdb Id cell to import the proper movie."

Somewhat difficult to change the Tmdb Id when no movie exists!

Appears to be a few bugs to look into

Radarr is a fork of sonarr, you may want to go to their support channels…

But I’m already on the Sonarr support forum - thought that ought to be it - just where is the link to the support channel?

open radarr and go to the system page, the links are in there

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