Sonarr puting folders in to my TV folder but not into each TV series folder

Hi there I’m a noob when it comes to sonarr and could do with a bit of startup advice

I’ve got sonarr moving the files once downloaded via SABnzbd to my tv folder but it is not then moving the files into each series folder?

I’ve added my root folder paths in the pics!

Any help would be most appreciated

SABnzbd|690x212 ![SABnzbd|690x212]

Sonarr will only move to the series folder, sounds like you have SAB putting downloads directly in the TV folder. Start with fixing that then look into the errors (you’ll need to include all the requested information as well).

Thanks for the response

Which information was that the version number and logs for Sonarr?

I’ve fixed them downloading directly into my TV folder and are now going straight into the downloads folder.

My Sonarr queue is 10 pages long but doesn’t look like it’s moving anything across to any folders at all.

Yes, all the information in the template when you opened this issue.

That’ll fix downloads moving forward, but you’ll need to look at the debug logs to see why the current imports are failing. A wild shot in the dark is permissions (Sonarr running as a user that can’t access G:\) which could include mapped network drives.