Sonarr permission problem


Sonarr version:
Mono version: 4.8.1
OS: FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (FreeBSD)

Description of issue:
Whenever i try to add a tv show and get to the point where i have to select the Path, the following error pops up:

This is how i setup my datasets (every jail has a seperate dataset under the “apps” dataset for config files):

These are my jails:

And these are the mounts:

I changed the permissions of the /mnt/tank/media dataset (with “set permission recursively” enabled) to the default FreeNAS media user/group with UID&PGID “8675309” (also not sure if i should use this default media user and group or create a new one myself?):

This is the output i get when performing the cmd ls - l inside the sonarr jail:

I do have a user & group sonarr:sonarr which has access to the config files, but im not sure which command i should use to enable sonarr access to the media dataset. I have seen some posts about adding media:media to sonarr, but im unsure how to do this?


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