Sonarr permanently shows original Mono version

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: MacOS High Sierra
Description of issue:

This isn’t a Sonarr v3 issue specifically (may not be an issue at all). Sonarr permanently shows the original Mono version at the time the install was done. Meaning the last time I installed Sonarr I was on Mono 5.16. So from here moving forward it will always show 5.16 even though Im now on 6.8. Like it’s hardcoded at the time of install (screenshots).

Is this indicative of something problematic? just wanted to be sure. Thanks much.


It’s read at startup.

Sounds like you have multiple versions installed and Sonarr is using a different version.

This is how Sonarr chooses which installed version to use:

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Thanks Markus. You were right. I found the old framework, removed it and sonarr is using the correct version now. Appreciated

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