Sonarr not refreshing on settings
ASUSTOR NAS (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
**System.ArgumentException: Requested value ‘Docker’ was not found.
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at System.Enum.Parse (System.Type enumType, System.String value, System.Boolean ignoreCase) [0x00010] in <254335e8c4aa42e3923a8ba0d5ce8650>:0
at NzbDrone.Core.Configuration.ConfigFileProvider.GetValueEnum[T] (System.String key, T defaultValue, System.Boolean persist) [0x00000] in C:\BuildAgent\work\5d7581516c0ee5b3\src\NzbDrone.Core\Configuration\ConfigFileProvider.cs:220
at NzbDrone.Core.Configuration.ConfigFileProvider.get_UpdateMechanism () [0x00000] in C:\BuildAgent\work\5d7581516c0ee5b3\src\NzbDrone.Core\Configuration\ConfigFileProvider.cs:204
at NzbDrone.Api.Config.HostConfigResourceMapper.ToResource (NzbDrone.Core.Configuration.IConfigFileProvider model, NzbDrone.Core.Configuration.IConfigService configService) [0x00000] in C:\BuildAgent\work\5d7581516c0ee5b3\src\NzbDrone.Api\Config\HostConfigResource.cs:43
at NzbDrone.Api.Config.HostConfigModule.GetHostConfig () [0x00000] in C:\BuildAgent\work\5d7581516c0ee5b3\src\NzbDrone.Api\Config\HostConfigModule.cs:52
at NzbDrone.Api.REST.RestModule1[TResource].<set_GetResourceSingle>b__38_0 (System.Object options) [0x00000] in C:\BuildAgent\work\5d7581516c0ee5b3\src\NzbDrone.Api\REST\RestModule.cs:141 at (wrapper dynamic-method) System.Object.CallSite.Target(System.Runtime.CompilerServices.Closure,System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CallSite,System.Func2<object, object>,object)
at Nancy.Routing.Route+<>c__DisplayClass4.b__3 (System.Object parameters, System.Threading.CancellationToken context) [0x00049] in <63c44d6f8d7e4f339a987bf9eb94d931>:0
**I am logging in and when i click onto settings it just keeps refreshing and does not allow me to configure any indexers.

Currently i have the Sonarr V3 beta also on the nas which works fine so i am not sure why the new version is not working. Do i need to delete the beta first?**:

Mono Version
AppData directory
Startup directory

some more updates to help

All of the versions you’ve listed are out of date.

The first error makes me think you jumped around from newer to older versions.

V2 is EOL and obsolete.

V3 has been stable for almost two months now

Get on v3, 3.0.6

bakerboy thanks for the tip. what i did was delete all versions kept a backup of the config.

Then in filemanager deleted all the folders under docker on the nas it had sonarr and sonarr v3 so i assume it was getting confused.

once deleted and rebooted i installed sonarr and it then sprung into life on the version you suggested.

thanks for the help