Sonarr Not Recognizing A Successful Download

Package Version 3.0.8 by Team Sonarr
Mono Version
Ubuntu 22.04

Description of issue:

The Celebrity Apprentice Australia
Sonarr successfully searches and finds a match for download, and successfully the episodes download, but then Sonarr says that the download is an unknown show so it will not automatically process, meaning each day I have to manually import by clicking and identifying the show via interactive import.

Apparently Sonarr does not recognize AU as Australia:

Since no logs were provided and since the grab did occur with the release name being AU, my crystal ball is your queue has a very specific error for those releases.

Why are you manually importing from wanted and not from queue?

Also downloading into an application’s binary directory is poor practice and implies you have poor security as well…

However, none of the matching issue would cause a failed import - so provide the logs the forum template said are required that you blew away :weary:

Debugging is on, so tomorrow, when the next episode again downloads and again fails to be processed, I will link the logs.

Here is a link to the debug log. I cleared the logs, told Sonarr to search for the episode shown in Wanted, it found and downloaded, and then after a couple of mins the wanted status showed no successful file:


Sonarr is operating as expected.
“The Series AU” is not “Series AU” which is an alias for “The Series Australia”

Seems the crystal ball was right.

So you’re saying that The Celebrity Apprentice Australia does not equal The Celebrity Apprentice AU - Seems weak.

The folder is named:

The file is named:

And you’re saying it’s perfectly expected that Sonarr would not process this file?

Is there a way to add an alternate title to the show, so that it will properly recognize it? I’ve seen this on other shows.

Correct. This was all explained - including how to get an alias added - in the previously shared troubleshooting links.

It seems based on your questions those were ignored…not sure why.

Dude, you are about 1000% attitude. I don’t live and breath Sonarr.

Sonarr Forum: Come For Help, Never Return Because of Attitude

I’ll just deal with it and wait until someone else wants to handle abuse to get this issue resolved.

There’s no attitude.

You were provided links to the wiki that discuss your exact issue and how to solve it - submit an alias request.

If you (or some other user) can’t or won’t do that, then there’s no help to provide and no solution for your issue.

What Baker failed to communicate well in a way you understood (which was linked through one of the FAQ links he did post), was an alias is required. The direct FAQ entry on this is here:

If you fill out the form with the information it’ll get added and the issue resolved.