Sonarr not querying index as SxxExx for anime episodes

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows

Sonarr not querying indexer as SxxExx format for anime episodes.


Anime series The Promised Neverland

Search query is “The Promised Neverland : 01”.
It doesn’t use SxxExx format. Doesn’t pickup episode S02E01.

However, for other non-anime series like Kim’s Convenience

properly query as “Kim’s Convenience : S04E13

Found the issue, but no solution

Anime type uses absolute episode numbering.

Standard type uses SxxExx

However, setting the anime series to use standard type returns 0 match despite querying with SxxExx format. Is it because of scene mapping only triggered for anime type and not standard?

Do you have your indexers set to have STANDARD also use the anime category? It could possibly be searching proper format, but not asking the indexer to check things categorized as anime.

Yup, my indexer has anime category in both STANDARD & Anime Categories, doesn’t work.

Where i can see this setting? I’m using sonarr and nyaa as a tracker.

I have the same issue as Jimbe BTW