Sonarr not processing files upon download

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): N/A
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Debug logs:
Description of issue:
Sonarr successfully grabs episode file from indexer and instructs SabNzb to download, however, when completed the file does not get moved into the library location of the TV series as set in Sonarr meaning that I have to manually rename and move the file once it has downloaded.

I upgraded from a setup running on Windows 7 where it all worked perfectly to a new machine running Windows 10, backed up all settings using the backup/restore option for both Sonarr and SabNzb.

  • They are both set to run as services using an account that has full permissions over all folders involved.
  • Sonarr and SabNzb have been started using the “Rus as Administrator” option in Windows.

These are the only solutions that I seem to be able to find when searching online.

If anyone can provide any assistance I would greatly appreciate it as single episode files I could live with but when I add a new series and it downloads a lot of files across multiple series it becomes an administrative nightmare!

This looks to be resolved, I am just waiting for the files to be processed (60+).

For anyone who comes across this post, what looks to have sorted it for me was changing the user that runs the Sonarr Windows service to the same user that was running the SabNzb service. This wasn’t needed in Windows 7 for some reason but closer look at the logs was showing “Access Denied” to the folder that SabNzb was downloading to (C:\users\username\downloads\complete\sonarr) despite the folder having all the necessary permissions (I even gave context ‘Everyone’ Full Control (which is not advised to do since unauthenticated access is then granted to do whatever)).

Restarted the service and it appears to be processing the files now :slight_smile:

This has been resolved.

For those with a setup similar to mine and are experiencing the same issues, the fox for me was to change the user account being used by the Sonarr service to be the same as the account for the SabNzb service which had been changed due to relative paths being inside of user profile.