Sonarr not playing with jackett
Freenas: trace logs: debug logs:
Hey guys, im having problems connecting Sonarr to jacket. Everything seems to work but i get no search results from sonarr what so ever. If i do a manual search it comes back empty. I have done the following.

Added Sonarr indexer Torznab
Added URL:
API Path /api
API key is exactley same as from Jackett
Anime categories: 5000,5070
normal categories: 5000,5070

If i do the search in Jackett i get a ton of results, but in soanrr i get the following

The loggs,
Searching 2 indexers for [Darwin’s Game : S01E01]
No results found

Anyone got a clue on why it wont work?

Would tell a lot. Post them somewhere (Pastebin, …) and link here.

Hello, i edited my first post, i forgot to attach the logs. Thanks for helping.

On further inspection the logs from Jackett shows Found 0 releases from for: Darwins Game S01E01

If i search for Darwins Game S01E01 in then i get no results, is there anyway to tell sonarr to search only for darwins game for example? anime usualy is different in name, i did choose anime in sonarr though.

Edit: Seems the problem was with this anime specificaly since the name is wierd, it’s adding other series just fine. Thanks for the help.

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