Sonarr not moving files via mass editor

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Sonarr is not moving any files when changing the folder via the mass editor

I want to change my folder structure and for that, I have to move all my series to a different folder on the same mapped SMB share.
In theory, this would be trivial with the mass editor.
Select series. Choose different folder. Click “Yes, Move the Files”. Done.

Except this doesn’t work for me.

Looking into the logs, it seems like it is missing permissions to move the files.
I get this exact error for every series I try to move.
When I do it once, nothing changes. When I do it immediately again, it changes the path anyway but doesn’t touch any of the files.

Since I’m running it from the tray it should have the same permissions as the user and I can create, modify and move files without any problems.

It said something about the access being denied, so maybe a problem with the share permission?
Well, I double and triple checked. The permissions for the two folders is the same. I opened all the gates and gave everyone full permission to this folder, but still nothing.

So from here one would think that sonarr has no access to this directory, but here is the weird thing.

When I manually create a folder in the new directory, it gets detected by sonarr and shows up under the “unmapped folders”. I can add it from there without any problems. When trying to move this series to the same folder to rename the folder after the naming convention, it also does it without any problems. I can even move the series between two folder in the new directory. (anime and TV)
Deleting the series also deletes the series folder.

What doesn’t work however is creating a series in the new folder. Sonarr adds the series to the list, but doesn’t create the folder.

So from here one could say that I have no ideas what else I could try. I’m unsure if it’s a problem with sonarr, windows or TrueNAS.
If you guys have any idea what I could try, I’d be immensely grateful. This whole endeavor should have taken 10 minutes, but is getting close to the 4-hour mark.

Apparently you did not read the forum template / wiki entry as Info logs are useless for debugging
However if sonarr is indicating permission errors then you have permissions issues. The logs do not lie, humans and human understanding of permissions do :smiley:

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