Sonarr not moving files after seeding with Transmission


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS*: OSX Mojave
Debug logs:


I’m having two issues, but not sure if they’re related.

  1. I’m using Transmission and have it set to stop seeding immediately after it’s done downloading. I also have Sonarr set to automatically move the file and remove them from Transmission’s download folder. However, this isn’t happening. I’ve seen it move successfully one time, then sometimes it will duplicate them, but not delete the downloaded files, and usually it doesn’t do anything.

  2. When I add new files into Sonarr’s TV show path and click on “organize and rename”, the new files aren’t recognized. I have to change the series type to something different, then save, then change it back, then save again. Then the files are recognized and renamed.


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