Sonarr not moving downloads as not on C: Drive

AppData directory
Startup directory
Microsoft Windows 10

20-8-21 21:17:30.9|Warn|ArgumentValidator|value [/volume1/Downloads/complete/TV/Lucifer.S05E02.Lucifer.Lucifer.Lucifer.720p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-NTb/] is not a valid Windows path. paths must be a full path eg. C:\Windows
20-8-21 21:17:30.9|Fatal|SonarrErrorPipeline|Request Failed. GET /api/v3/manualimport

I have just downloaded and installed on my desktop as could not get it on my NAS. All my media files are on my NAS and when setting up I stopped the service and changed it to run with my admin username. As a result Sonarr can see my media folders and files to index and import them, however after SABnzb has downloaded the files Sonarr does not move the files to the correct folders.

I believe this is because the downloaded files are also on the NAS (so is SABnzb)…how can I enable Sonarr to moved the downloaded files to the correct location?

You’ll need to setup a remote path mapping to remap the remote path the download client is reporting to a local path Sonarr can access (a UNC path would be best).


Thanks for the quick reply…I have found that I settings:

Host: my SABnzb IP address
Remote path: \ds413\Downloads\complete\TV
Local Path: \ds413\Downloads\complete\TV

Activity/Queue still not letting me Manual Import - is this because they were downloaded before I added these settings? Or have I added the wrong paths?

You’re using that same IP for the Host field in Sonarr’s sab settings?

Setting the remote and local paths won’t do anything, you’re telling Sonarr where to find something the download client reported that it can’t find on it’s own, it’d be /volume1/Downloads/complete/TV.

Start there if you’re still having issues post the debug logs

Great thanks !

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