Sonarr not moving downloaded files from Deluge (sometimes)

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Some episodes are not making their way into my PLEX TV folder. I can’t seem to work out any pattern but it has only started recently. From what I can see Sonarr is searching for the file name without the extension and cannot find the file to move, in the attached first log file the series A-Typical season 3 does not move however season 4 was fine. Other files it seems to be fine (also attached), the Purge downloaded and was moved just fine. I’m very new to using Sonarr and Deluge so any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I need to post anything else that can help.

Sorry, I should also mention the failed files are still sitting under the “activity” queue with the following message:

  • No files found are eligible for import in /volume1/downloads/complete/Atypical.S03E02.iNTERNAL.HDR.1080p.WEB.H265-STARZ

And if you navigate to that path: do the files exist? Does sonarr have permissions to see the files? Are their video files in that folder?

Yes, the files are there but they have .mkv extensions though and it looks like to me that Sonarr isn’t looking for the filename including extension if I’m reading the logs correctly (which I may not be). The folder is the same for the ones that work and the ones that do not work so I don’t think that permissions is the issue here.

So you have logs and screenshots to prove this out?

The path sonarr looks at comes from the download client with any remote path map applied

I posted the logs, hopefully they help but this is what I’m seeing on the GUI:
This is from the queue:

This is from the Synology file explorer showing the file name (notice how it is the same location and name as Sonarr’s error but the extension is .mkv)

Second part of the location box as it wouldn’t show the entire filename:

This is from the permissions tab showing that “Everyone” has full access to the file:

Is there anything else I can show you that might help with this issue? Like I said, other episodes just went straight through without issue.

the requested logs from the troubleshooting article have not been posted.

what group is sonarr in?
and what are the permissions for the sc-download group?

Sorry, how do I find out the group Sonarr is in? If you’re talking about the Synology permissions, the folder has the group “Everyone” set to full access so I would expect it to fall under that group permissions.
I’m not sure what the sc-download is that you refer to either sorry.

Here are all of the logs as requested:

Thank you again for the help.

Please see the wiki for how to provide and perhaps review the logs yourself.

No one will ever bother going through all the 100+ Logs you’ve shared nor is anyone in the habit of downloading text files.

Sc-download is a group on Synology based on your earlier screenshot.

For assistance with the Synology package - id suggest reaching out to the SynoCommunity has the sonarr team has nothing to do with their package

What did I type here that brings you to the conclusion that I haven’t already reviewed the logs? I thought that I was pretty clear in the first post that I had:

I provided the forementioned logs for review as well as I thought they may help someone that knows the system better than me in finding the issue. Just so we’re on the same page, I have reviewed the logs to the best of my ability and came to the conclusion that I believe that Sonarr is looking for the filename minus the file extension for some reason, be it right or wrong I’m not sure, but that is why I have come here for help.

Good to know, again thank you for the nonconstructive post and speaking on behalf of every community member on this forum, well done. As I’ve already mentioned, I had originally posted the log files I thought were relevant in my very first post. If they are not relevant in helping find the problem then the ones that are helpful should hopefully be included in what I have uploaded.
I did read the wiki and it talked about changing the logging mode and posting the file to something like Pastebin, it also mentioned that I should not include just the error. I did this. Something more constructive would be pointing out what I may have missed in the wiki steps don’t you think?

Why not open the discussion with this comment? It was a lot more helpful than what you have provided so far. I wasn’t aware that it this version of Sonarr was developed by another group, thank you.

The wiki is completely explicit on how to provide useful logs: it appears you did not read or merely briefly skimmed the key section.

Did you miss the explicit part discussing entire log file(s)?

Also I can almost guarantee your issue is one of the common problem called out on the troubleshooting section

The version is not, but they maintain the installation method etc I.e Synology package

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