Sonarr not moving and renameing downloads


Sonarr Version
Mono Version
FreeNAS 11.2-U1

I think this is a permissions thing. Can anyone give me any pointers on this error?

Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Radarr: /mnt/media/usenet/moviedownload/ …

Downloads show up just fine in my /mnt/Data/media/usenet/moviedownload/ directory but then never get renamed and move to my Plex /mnt/Data1/media/Movies/ directory.

I’m also getting the following error when clicking the Update from the System | Updates tab.

Error occurred while executing task ApplicationUpdate: Access to the path “/tmp/radarr_backup/config.xml” is denied.

I’m running Radarr in it’s own jail on a 11.2 FreeNAS server.


better off asking on the radarr forums. it does look like a permissions error but they would know whats required




Are not the same. Make sure everything is pointed correctly


My Radarr mount points are, source: /mnt/Data1/media/Movies, destination: /mnt/Data1/iocage/jails/radarr/root/media

SABnzdb mount points are, source: /mnt/Data/media/usenet/tvdownload, dest: /mnt/media/usenet/tvdownload

In Radarr on specific movies the Path is: /mnt/media/Movies/

I do have SABnzdb and Radarr on different volumes (Data & Data1), shouldn’t the mount point make things independent of the volume (Data1)?


You can get help w/ Radarr on our Discord:


I am not sure if you are using Docker or not, but this should help with some of your issues either way:


Nov '18

I wrote a non specific wiki article about docker and this automation software that I think if you read, you’ll understand what is going on here.

Even if you are not using Docker, the advice about permissions and paths is applicable to many setups (though the commands of course differ) whether you are talking about Sonarr or Radarr.

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