Sonarr not move files

Sonarr version
OS: Windows 10 64 bits
Description of issue:

I have a problem with my sonarr setup.
My series episodes are download with uTorrent in my download folder but i have setup sonarr to move file to a special folder (sync with plex) but it dont move my file and i dont know why.
Can you guys help me ?
I use uToreent to dl my series and yggtorrent to find my file.

Thank you :wink:

it’s 2021, we left utorrent’s garbage spammy adware in the dust in 2010; switch to non-malware clients like qbtorrent.

for your issue since you’ve provided no information to help please see the download troubleshooting article

I try to dowload Bittorent but the problem is i can’t link it to sonarr.
Why my utorrent client can’t work when file are download ?

bittorrent is not a supported client; why would you try to use that?

Qbittorrent is the modern replacement of utorrent that is not crypto crapwhere.

Why my utorrent client can’t work when file are download ?

because something is broken or more likely not configured correctly, you have been provided the tools to try helping yourself and if you’re unable to solve it - and it’s not one of the common problems - you’d have nice logs and screenshots to share. But aside from that it’s impossible to tell you why as you have not provided any troubleshooting information.

Ok i have download qbittorrent and it move my files automatically thanks.
I just have another question someone know how can i automatically delete from qbittorrent the torrent when he’s done ?

Set your seed goals on a per indexer basis in sonarr; do not change post-import category; and configure Qbit to pause when goals are hit

Ensure remove completed downloads is enabled