Sonarr not grabbing releases by alias names from thetvdb

**Sonarr version Version
**Mono version
OS: CentOS Linux release 8.2.2004
Debug logs: see bellow
Description of issue:
i started a new docker instance with sonarr, have been using it before, however lately a few series seems to have issues for me, maybe someone can help :slight_smile:

An example is Hell’s Kitchen Danmark

Thetvdb showings

  • Hell’s Kitchen Denmark
  • Hell’s Kitchen (DK)
  • Hells Kitchen Danmark
  • Hell’s Kitchen Danmark dan
  • Hell’s Kitchen (DK) eng

sonarrs title when adding it : Hell’s Kitchen (DK)

the issue is that allias are not being shown when trying to grab a release ? - is there any reason for that? - see debug bellow

For language profile i only have one with the following:
“upgrade untill Norwegian”

(order is due to sonarr not understanding what nordic is, and therefore norwegian)

20-9-9 08:57:18.3|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 2 indexers for [Hell’s Kitchen (DK) : S01E04]
20-9-9 08:57:18.3|Debug|Torznab|Downloading Feed http://xxxxxxx/api/v2.0/indexers/xxxxxx/results/torznab/api?t=tvsearch&cat=2000,5000,7000&extended=1&apikey=(removed)&offset=0&limit=100&q=Hells%20Kitchen%20DK&season=1&ep=4
20-9-9 08:57:19.3|Debug|NzbSearchService|Total of 0 reports were found for [Hell’s Kitchen (DK) : S01E04] from 2 indexers
20-9-9 08:57:19.3|Debug|NzbSearchService|Setting last search time to: 9/9/2020 6:57:19 AM

where it is availiable as hell’s kitchen denmark.
is it a bug or did i forget a setting? :slight_smile:

Aliases in Sonarr don’t come from TheTVDB, they either come from or our alias (scene naming) system, which has info in the FAQ.

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