Sonarr not grabbing nzbs least for my issue


Running Sonarr
Windows 10
The issue I had was Sonarr suddenly about 3 months ago stopped grabbing nzbs from my indexers. I knew they existed as I could go to the indexer website and find them, and Radarr worked perfect with the same indexers. I tried restoring Sonarr with a backup, didn’t work. I tried reinstalling, didn’t work. I knew it should work as i made the indexer and download client settings exactly as they are in Radarr. Searching automatically and manually yielded zero results so I had an ah-ha moment and thought maybe Sonarr isn’t searching for the nzbs correctly.
I went to one of the series I had added, clicked the wrench icon to edit the series and low and behold I discovered that “series type” was set to anime. As soon as I changed it to standard BAM! Sonarr reindexed and a flood of downloads started. I went back and checked all of the series I had que’d and every single one was set to anime. In this case I had cartoons and tv shows so changing all of them to standard fixed the problem. I thought I’d make a post as I read and read and read and was not able to find anything that worked to fix my problem, hopefully this might help someone else.


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