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** So I have been trying to setup Sonarr to a private tracker (TorrentSeeds) via Jackett. However every time whether I click automatic search or manual search it says no results found. On Jackett when I manually search I can see the shows I’m trying to watch.All the tests have come back successful and I’ve had success on a public tracker ( but no dice on the former. I’ve made sure the series type is anime as well as adding too the anime categories.

In the logs I found a repeating error called [Permanent] Unknown Series although I don’t know if that means anything Any help is appreciated. Thanks!**:

Jacket doesn’t provide search functionality. It only provides RSS. So the only thing you can use it for is when new releases are added and published to the RSS, Sonarr will pick them up. You can’t use Jacket for retrospective searches.

Ok. Thanks!. However if i can ask. Why does allow me to manually search for episodes in sonarr while torrentseeds seems unable too?

That’s not true and is part of the reason Jackett exists; which is to allow indexers without a real API to be used in Sonarr as a searchable indexer.

Based on the logs those could be the wrong categories for anime or that indexer doesn’t support anime searching.

So are there some trackers that aren’t compatible with search? As for the anime searching, Im also having trouble searching for regular shows such as family guy and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Anything I should try?

Interesting. I thought Jacket just scans the RSS feed, and then caches the results - so you can search any results from the day you started running Jacket (as long as the thing you were looking for was in the recent RSS feed) but not historical retrospective searches.

Look at debug logs, if common shows are failing, the series type could be wrong in Sonarr or the wrong categories could be used.

Most are without Jackett. Whether Jackett properly passes the search query to the indexer can be hit and miss as well.

No, they use screen scraping to search and read the results, so results from before it was running work as well.

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