Sonarr not downloading posters

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OS: Windows 10
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Sonarr is not downloading posters for anything. The only posters that exist are ones I’ve had from prior to the issue arrising, but any new show I add doesn’t get a poster. If I search for new series to add, nothing returns a poster in the search results. If it matters, I had this problem previously that was solved by an ad blocker, however I am not using a specific extension or anything anymore, however I do run a pi hole. To ensure it wasn’t that, I did disable them, and the issue still occurs. I also don’t have any issues with my Radarr installation (if that is of any relevence, sorry if not). Have spent the past few days, and specifically the past hour or 2 combing through every post I can find on the forums here, and just about everything I find either references some specific bug that was relevent back in 2016 or something, but was then patched so, guessing its something specific to my scenario and that the logs will explain more. Let me know if I can provide anything more to help.

Can you clear the logs, go to one of the shows that is missing a poster and click the refresh series button. That should simplify the logs to look at

Roger that, I’ve updated my original post to the new log, and can also be found here Pastebin and Pastebin (Alternate).

Yea sorry, there is nothing in there to help with it… 1k lines of audio channel entries and 1 entry for “The Series Title (2010) - S01E01 - Episode Title (1)” which i have no idea what that is.

I dont use V2 so im not sure where the refresh series button is but there should be log entries for it reaching out to skyhook to get data.

Yeah V2’s per series options say “Update series and scan disk”. The only other option I have is to update the entire library, which means the log will contain a ton of things that are there and working properly. Can’t use V3 with my setup, or rather any attempt to do so just makes complications since drone factory is depreciated in it.

So I did the update library option, saw a few things not loading cover in the begining, so maybe this helps? Pastebin Update Library

So sonarr is def not behind on the cache, skyhook seems to be up to date which leads me to believe it is something more local. All i see in the log is

20-6-8 16:00:48.5|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Updating Info for The 100

Possibly turn on trace logging, clear the logs and refresh it again. Settings > General > Log Level (on V3 anyways)

Well the 100 was a show I actually had a cover for, I tried something different this time. I turned on trace level logs, and anytime I search for a new show to add, nothing ever loads for posters their either. So I did your suggestion but just attempted adding a show instead. I see a few things that might be helpful but, clearly you’ll know better. Thanks for taking the time to look at these btw, appreciate your help.

Pastebin - Trace - Adding New Show

This is due to something TVDB changed, in v3 Sonarr proxies the poster request through it’s own server to fix that. Once the series is added the server side pulls the posters down and failures will appear in the logs.

So you’re saying this is something that can’t be fixed without upgrading to v3? Poster artwork is just something that won’t work anymore for all of us users still on v2?

When adding the series, the search results won’t have posters in v2, this is expected since it doesn’t have the fix that v3 does.

After adding the series posters should download (I don’t see any errors downloading posters in your log files).

Roger that, how can I trigger the refresh individual series then? Becuase update series info / scan disk doesn’t seem to yield anything (as per my previous logs). Updating the entire library just starts from the begining, so I’d have to wait for the scanner to hit a series that doesn’t have something. Not a single series I’ve added in the past ~4 months downloads posters. If you could direct me on the best way to reproduce that information for you I would love to do so.

This is the only way to refresh a single series.