Sonarr not detecting all episode on tvdb

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OS: Wondows 10
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So i have this show ( ) addes on sonarr. it was going well until monday… in sonarr is says that the season have only 12 episodes… but its continuing (its a daily show so there is an ep everyday)

thetvdb is reporting it correctly… but on sonarr i dont see the next episode after 12… but there is 18 on the tvdb… here’s a screenshot from my calendar (doesnt show after sunday even tho there’s show monday through thursday on tvdb

this problem exist since monday… i though maybe the server wasnt updated or something… but after 4 days sonarr still doesnt detected them

anyone knows why?

thank you!

in the log i see this

19-10-3 12:55:31.9|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Updating Occupation Double
19-10-3 12:55:32.1|Error|RefreshSeriesService|Series ‘Occupation Double’ (tvdbid 274765) was not found, it may have been removed from TheTVDB.

but its clearly still there

This can happen when TVDB’s API has issues and reports that the series is no longer available on their API.

I’ve cleared the cache now and it should be available once the network level caches are updated.


thank you very much!

there is no way for us to do this manually if we see it happen?

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No, normally things refresh automatically, except in this case.

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