Sonarr not creating series or season folders


I’m running the latest versions of Sonarr and NZBGet and while the intermediate and complete folders were on my computer everything was fine but now that they’re on my Drobo 5N, Sonarr isn’t creating series or season folders when I add a new series, even though create season folder is enabled it just dumps the episode folder into my complete folder and activity shows that the episode failed to import.
NZBGet history shows everything working fine.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Sonarr will only create them when the series is added if “Create empty Series Folders” is enabled (default is off).

If its still not creating them, please pastebin the error in the log files.

Still doing it.

Please excuse my ignorance, I’m not very computer savvy, how do I pastebin the log file?

Did you enable that setting and either add a new series or refresh your existing series?

Clear your logs, enable debug logging and refresh one of the series that doesn’t have s folder. Then copy the log file from System - Logs - Files and put it on

Yes, I enabled that setting and nothing changed.
I think I’ve done everything you asked me to do correctly and here is the pastebin…


I’ve never looked at the logs before (to be honest I never knew they were there) but when you showed me how it looked like an access to my drobo problem so I went into my drobo and set permissions to that share to read and write for all users, refreshed the series and BINGO, problem fixed.
Thank you for your speedy replies and all your help!!!

Not exactly, the log files are what I wanted (not the log table), fortunately the information I wanted was included:

Access to the path '\\DROBO5N\Public\downloads\complete\Series\Men at Work' is denied.

Which is covered in our FAQ:

Just had to deal with this problem in a new install.

I could not get Sonarr to to create a folder (local) unless a folder already was present in the destination folder. In my case I just created a folder called test and Sonarr was happy making folders for each series added. It just did not like that folder being empty. Some testing logic may need to be tweaked?

Sonarr log did keep telling me that folder was empty, I knew that. Just would not go futher. After getting the first series added I deleted the dummy folder.

Its actually intentional to avoid creating the folder if its an unmounted share, where the system reports that the folder exists, but it doesn’t and Sonarr creates it and messes up the mount points.

I understand that.