Sonarr Keeps Closing


This is the trace log that covers the error I posted in my last post, not sure what it means. Would you mind having a look please?

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


This is the last thing Sonarr really does (besides checking if some tasks are already running).

19-1-29 01:19:51.0|Debug|VideoFileInfoReader|Getting media info from N:\Top Gear\S23\Top Gear - 23x01.mkv

My guess is there is something with this file causing issues. Try moving that file out to another location on disk (that Sonarr isn’t checking) then refresh all series in Sonarr and see if it completes successfully.


Thanks for this… I’ve not done this yet but will today. I think you may be right as I deleted all top gear episodes from my hdd a while back, so that video doesn’t exist!

Appreciate your patience and help, will post back whether successful


Seems to be fine now, thanks once again :slight_smile:

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