Sonarr isnt downloading show if available before airdate


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Windows Server 2012 R2

Description of issue:
When a show (in this case “the passage”), is available for download on the tracker, before the actual airdate. It wont download. until that date has been reached. Is there a way to make it download anyway? dont see the point in waiting to the actual airdate, if on private, serious, tracker.

EDIT: scratch that. the actual airdate was in fact today. so seems there is some other issue as it wont download just that show even if the airdate has passed… for some reason it said that there were 3/3 available. but it should have been 3/4. dont know why it hadnt updated that it was 4 available.


just because you can see an episode in a tracker doesnt mean sonarr can. it could be in the wrong category, a category you didnt add to the indexer, or it doesnt match exactly.

if an episode is flagged as monitored and it turns up in the rss feed then sonarr will download it regardless of how far ahead the air date is. people have asked for the ability to limit it only download after the air date has passed (plus some customisable value) to minimise fakes.


well, since this is only one of three episodes on the show. its pretty hard to see why you think the show would be in the wrong category. then it would have downloaded the first three. and it downloaded it fine when manually adding it.

and your last statement that it downloads everything “regardless” is obviously not true since it was available on the tracker, sonarr saw the torrent when searching, but didnt download it since sonarr said there was 3/3 available, when it should have been 3/4 available. as sonarr hadnt updated the show that the last episode had aired, for some reason.

but sure, you go ahead and blame the user.


How is @rhom blaming you? You’ve made an incorrect assumption about how Sonarr works; they’re trying to correct you. Sonarr does not care if an episode has aired or not, if it sees it (and it’s not rejected for one of many reasons), it will grab it.

Did Sonarr actually see the release on the RSS feed before you searched for it?
Only debug logs of past RSS Syncs would show that for sure, given a large enough interval and a tracker that can’t do paging of results Sonarr could have missed it.

If Sonarr found it during the search you initiated, but didn’t grab it, it would have rejected it for some reason, which would have been in the debug logs, if it tried to grab it, but that failed, that would also be in the logs (indexer didn’t allow Sonarr to grab it or Sonarr couldn’t connect to the download client).

Sonarr will tell you


I think @nmbrg may have meant that Sonarr was not listing the 4th episode at all on the Show page, in which case, @nmbrg, click the Refresh & Scan button on the show page and see if it updates to show the episode. The refresh task only runs every 12 hours and if the TVDB hadn’t listed that episode until after the last run, there is no way Sonarr would see it. It is really a good idea to get in the habit of hitting that button before forcing a search.

In any case, I can vouch for Sonarr grabbing episodes before the air-date, but it does have to be aware of the episode (even if it has the air-date set to TBD). I have seen it happen.


well its not unheard of for the uploader to pick the wrong category, and unless you have sonarr configured to check all categories (which hardly anyone does) it might not find it, well more it will see it in the rss feed will ignore it because thats not a category its supposed to download

a manual or automatic search is not the same thing as what sonarr does in the background to look for episodes

just because you can see them in the search does not mean they were in the rss feed (which is all that sonarr checks)

actually it is true. i qualified it with “if it turns up in the rss feed” because that is all that sonarr looks at - it does not search, ever, you can auto or manual search to find stuff that it missed in the rss feed but sonarr never will

not blaming you. im potentially blaming the uploader (unless that was you).

im explaining how sonarr works as its not always obvious that it doesnt use the search function

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