Sonarr importing is going haywire since last update!


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 7
((Debug logs)): (Not done this before, There were 49 debug logs, so I just put the first and last here… I hope the links here are ok?!)

Description of issue:
Hey there all, first time poster and visitor to the forums.
I’ve been using Sonarr for a while now and never had any issues, but for the past few days all hell has broken loose in my files and I believe Sonarrs importing is to blame.
I know some people dislike it and it is being phased out, but I loved using Drone Factory for just sweeping a designated folder for all my new downloads and then it neatly stacking them into my target tv folders. But for the first time the other day when I noticed the new update I saw an alert saying to stop using it, so I did. And that is when everything went wrong!
In my designated download folder, I had quite a stack of downloads that I was going to sort manually, but Sonarr decided to automatically go through them and assign them randomly to my various tv folders… All of which was done at some point during the day and I have no idea what or where they all are… Suffice it to say, I think I have a lot of logs to trawl through to see what damage it’s caused, and I don’t even know where to start or what to look for!
Here is an example of the randomness of what it has done, it’s taken the wrong show and wrong episode number and labelled it incorrectly!

I also tried to manually import from that designated folder, and it would not recognise all the files I ticked. Plus it would not mark them as imported from my calendar view either.
I removed all the files from that download folder, but I’m afraid to turn Sonarr back on in case any new downloads are also filed incorrectly!
Please, can someone help me? I don’t actually know what to do!


In your screenshot the Name it shows looks to be coming from a download client possible.

Does you download client point any downloads to U:\AAA?

That’s been in Sonarr for a couple releases now, but the fact that you just turned it off leads me to believe something in your download client pointed Sonarr at that folder and because it was no longer the drone factory path Sonarr started importing from it (Because it was set before Sonarr would ignore it as a child of the Drone Factory folder to let Drone factory handle the import).

Which download client are you using?


Hey markus101, thanks for replying.

The download client I use is SABNZBD

I gathered that the warning was there for a couple of releases, but I originally thought I had a warning for one of my indexers not working anymore… It was laziness on my part for not seeing it sooner to be fair.

Yes SAB points to the download folder (U:\AAA). I have always downloaded to the same folder, even before using Sonarr, and the fact that I linked the Drone Factory to it was just a matter ease of use.

But please do forgive my ignorance as I’m really a bit of a noob when it comes to some of this, but I fail to see how my download client could be telling Sonarr to import the wrong files, after turning off the drone factory?

I did download ‘Grand Designs New Zealand S03E06’, but why then would it take a different named and numbered file ‘Doogie Howser M D - 1x04 - Frisky Business’, and import it to a completely different episode ‘Grand Designs New Zealand - 1x04 - Titirangi- American Gothic’?
Also after it did that, it permanently deleted the original downloaded S03E06 file!

I can see how it could read episode 1x04 and make the correlation between them being the same number, but I was originally trying to import episode S03E06!
I’m just pretty confused as it shouldn’t be doing that, regardless of which folder it downloads to surely?

There was also the fact that manually trying to import files from that folder wasn’t working properly and not registering in the Sonarr calendar… That has nothing to do with the download client folder, does it?

I appreciate you taking the time to help.


Oh, and like I mentioned in my original post, it did an automatic import that took probably a few hundred files and randomly assigned them to other folders mixing up my files!
After a cursory glance, I think this happened at a time just before my debug logs date and time started!

Is there just one set of logs that gets rewritten? Or could there be earlier logs possibly?

Also, I don’t know what to fully look for, to be honest! As I don’t have a clue as to the names of the imported files it took you see!

Do you think it might just be a case of having to manually look at the files in the folders and see any that have a new adjusted modified date and time? Or is there any other magic bullet I may be able to use to aid me in this?

Sorry for all the questions, but any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there Markus101, I have some new info as to the automatic downloads that happened if it may help?
After doing a bit of a search through my files, the randomness isn’t so random per se, it actually took all the files from the download folder U:\AAA that had a resembling episode number, and tried to match it up with every tv show that is in my current calendar list for that week it seems. So that narrowed it down quite a bit thankfully!
Although I say a resembling episode number, it would, for example, take a movie that was made in 2009, and match it to a show as episode 20x09. So it seems that it was was just looking for numbers to match rather than whole files names.
It also kept the same date modified as the original file it replaced, so searching for the latest modified files didn’t work.
Anyway, I’m trying to sort out what has been changed at present. After I’ve done that, I’ll see if changing the download directory for SAB will do anything, and I’ll get back with the outcome. Unless you can think of anything else in the meantime of course. :slight_smile:


Do downloads end up in individual folders in that folder (ie. U:\AAA\series.title.s01e01.720p.hdtv) or are all the files dumped into U:\AAA?

Sonarr uses the path reported for each item downloaded to import from, if SAB was not using folders for completed downloads (not sure which setting controls that, but by default folders are used) then that would confuse Sonarr as it would try to import multiple unrelated things from that folder and associate them with the wrong series).


Ever since I started using SAB, they have always been individual files in the one download folder U:\AAA with SAB deleting the unwanted extraneous files. (I don’t even know where to look for a setting that does it differently!)
They have only ever got put in their own individual folders when it came from a torrent.
Drone factory never seemed to have a problem distinguishing between individual free-floating files in one location before, but this new system does, which I’m confused about.

The thing is, even when I chose the manual import, showing it which files I wanted, it still wouldn’t register them as imported on the calendar! So how is it getting confused on that front?

Thanks for the continued help.:+1:

I just worked out the folder thing… I had Enable TV Sorting on in the Sorting page.
So when it renamed the downloaded file, it deleted the folder it was in afterwards!


Drone Factory just scanned the folder, found files (in a folder or not) and imported them. With CDH Sonarr gets the path to import that download from, which for SAB is a folder for that one download, so Sonarr assumes anything there is for that download.

That’d do it. Sonarr should show a warning when testing when TV sorting is enabled and to turn it off.


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