Sonarr+GDrive. Rename episodes directly

Hi there!

So im using gdrive witch is mounted via rclone and im having Sonarr witch is scanning directly the files from gdrive folder, but im having an issue, or don’t how to call it. So basically when sonarr gets new series of smth, he should pass it to the gdrive folder and put it into folder + rename it, but that dont happens, i mean, the file is automatically transfering, but he is not renaming and so on.

Is that possible? Maybe some1 has done this.

P.S Log shows me this:

19-5-16 10:05:43.8|Warn|DiskScanService|Series' root folder (/.../.../GDrive/completed/TV) is empty.


rclone can be a read / write mount so not sure what you are seeing as I do this all the time.

If the directory is empty, you have something else going on, but with such little information, it’s hard to figure out what that might be.

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