Sonarr File Size....again

PLEASE add the ability to define file size caps under quality profiles like we can in radarr. I understand you keep closing these requests because you personally don’t have a need for it. But I would like to re-bring up this topic so that you understand it is something people want.

There’s no functionality in radarr for per profile size caps…? What are you talking about?

You mean using Custom Format for sizes which really shouldn’t be used since they’re static and are not dynamic with run time nor do they trump the quality sizes

yes, and yes there are users out there that want to set hard limits regardless of runtime. The Dynamic system is great for some use cases, but does not cover everyone.

The fact that you act like I am crazy in the first half of your question, then know exactly what I am talking about in the second is impressive.

Static is exactly what I and many users in the past have asked for.

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