Sonarr file location issue

With episode naming turned on or off everything i download through sonarr when i try to access it in plex the data is matched to a show called The Head and its extremely annoying and i’m not sure how to fix this?
also the data is suppose to download to my tv folder in my seed box but instead creates a new tv folder within the tv folder as well and i have create series folder turned off

updating this when i move it from the new tv folder thats created it fixes the matching issue… so how do i stop sonarr from creating a new folder within my tv folder? i have create series folder turned off not sure why its doing that

Please include all the requested information when opening issues, we can’t help without that. It’s also not clear what the issue is, please include a concrete example with a screen shot or output of ls -l.

Each series in Sonarr requires it’s own folder, which is named the same as the series, unless you changed it. If you selected the series folder instead of the root folder when adding the series that would create an additional folder and you’ll need to edit the series to resolve, but it’s not clear if this is the issue based on your description.

i figured out what it was it was a setting in seedbox nothing to do with sonarr sorry for that