Sonarr.exe Crashing


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows Server 2016
Issue: Sonarr.exe Crashing
Description of issue: I upgraded to v3 about a week ago and love it! Unfortunately, it’s crashed 3 times since then which never occurred in v2. I looked through Sonarr’s logs and it didn’t list anything prior to the crash, so am only including event log data. I enabled debug logging and will post anything the next time it crashes as well.

In Event Viewer / Applications, I had two events that were related to the crash. They seem to be .NET related as one stated “The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception”. I saved the details from each event into a separate file…


After posting, I realized there was one more related event. Below is a link to it followed by a link to the file it mentions if needed…
If you need further detail, please let me know.

Update #2
Shortly after posting, I had the crash occur again. Don’t know if related, but a couple of minutes before had chosen to have Sonarr manually import about 5 episodes. I looked in the debug logs, but unfortunately it didn’t contain any events during the time period. The crash occurred at 3:22:18 with the same events as above, but the debug logs skipped that time as shown below:

19-4-4 15:22:17.0|Debug|ImportDecisionMaker|File rejected for the following reasons: [Permanent] Invalid season or episode
19-4-4 15:22:17.0|Debug|EpisodeService|Linking [Season 3\Beavis and Butt-Head - S03E01 - Comedians.avi] > [[10422]Comedians]
19-4-4 15:22:17.8|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/v3/wanted/missing?page=1&pageSize=20&sortDirection=descending&sortKey=airDateUtc&monitored=true: 200.OK (737 ms)
19-4-4 15:22:17.8|Debug|Api|[GET] /api/v3/wanted/missing?page=1&pageSize=20&sortDirection=descending&sortKey=airDateUtc&monitored=true: 200.OK (732 ms)
19-4-4 15:24:21.1|Debug|ProcessProvider|Found 0 processes with the name: Sonarr.Console
19-4-4 15:24:21.1|Debug|ProcessProvider|Found 1 processes with the name: Sonarr
19-4-4 15:24:21.1|Debug|ProcessProvider| - [10928] Sonarr
19-4-4 15:24:21.1|Info|Router|Application mode: Interactive



Looks like it could be something with the .net framework, 2 of the failures point to issues outside of Sonarr. v2 relied on .net 4, but v3 relies on .net 4.6.1 (will be 4.6.2 before release) so that could be the difference.

Trace logs will provide more information as to what exactly Sonarr was doing prior to the failure.


I’m experiencing the same issue.

Problem being is I can’t get into Sonarr enough to get the trace logs :frowning:


That sounds like a different issue, if nothing is logged Sonarr is unable to start at all. Best to open a new thread with all the requested information. Also try running C:\ProgramData\Sonarr\Sonarr.Console.exe in Command Prompt in case that logs something that doesn’t make it to the log file.


Console version insta crashes. Nothing outputs to logs at all.

As an aside, Lidarr, Radarr, StableBit Scanner, and Unifi all have the exact same issue. So I suspect it isn’t actually a Sonarr issue, more likely .net or some common dependency .


One last tidbit of information: KB4489889 on Server 2016 seems to be related.


Good Morning - Thanks for replies and comments.

Sonarr has crashed 5-6 times since my last post, but wrote a script to relaunch it again if it occurs as a temporary fix. I checked and do have KB4489889 installed. Coincidence that it’s close to the port # of Sonarr? :slight_smile:

I believe my specific issue isn’t a Windows issue as I never had a crash with v2 on the same system. I also have the latest versions of Lidarr, Radarr, Plex, more hosted apps running on it without any issue. It was only when upgrading to v3 that issues with Sonarr started - I don’t see how that’s a Windows / .NET issue.

I’ll try enabling tracing and / or uninstalling that update to see what happens and post results. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.



Besides teh Sonarr executable crashing the errors are within code from the framework itself, and don’t indicate anything in Sonarr leading to it.

It could be anti-virus related as well, they cause all sorts of mysterious issues at times.

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