Sonarr doesn't find Titans (2018)


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OS: Ubuntu 16.04
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Sonarr does not find Titans because the trackers I use do not have Titans 2018 in the title. It’s merley called Titans.


had a similar issue. used to think i am doing something wrong because i’m on some things from never found out what’s wrong. update if you do, please.


Are these releases from a particular release group? An alias for that series was requested, but I haven’t seen it used anywhere and it’s not been added as it could conflict with the series with that name.


The filename is Titans.2018 but the title on most trackers is Titans S01E01 etc.


What is the full release name? That will have the release group in it (assuming there is one), which is usually at the very end.





That release name has 2018 in it; Sonarr won’t have any issues with it.


Still can’t find it.


You;re going to have to elaborate and provide debug logs. Does it not get the result back when searching or does it reject it for unknown series.


the NTb release is automatically downloades at me

check the rss feed from your source how it is populated there

do you have filters? maybe because of that its skipped

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