Sonarr doesn't find episodes


I’ve a private indexer setup using Jackett, but the problem is that it can’t find any episodes. Using the Jackett search I found out that the episodes don’t have a category. What can I do?


The lack of category is likely the issue (unless it’s a display issue on Jackett’s side), since you’re telling Sonarr to request certain categories from Jackett, which should then search those categories on the indexer. Probably something for the Jackett team to look into.


Searching on the website I’ve found out that the torrent in question doesn’t have a category. Can’t I setup sonarr to find uncategorized torrents?


No, at least one category needs to be specified. You’d need Jackett to also search uncategorized torrents, not sure if that’s possible.


I can find uncategorized torrents using Jackett. The problem is that they don’t show up at Sonarr. I know that ideally all torrents should be categorized but I’m missing more than one series because they aren’t categorized on the only private indexer I have, and it’s hard or impossible to find it on other indexers because it’s from Brazil. Can’t I setup Sonarr to find uncategorized torrents like Jackett does?


Sonarr doesn’t filter results based on the category, it asks Jackett to return results from the specific categories, not sure if you can get Jackett to ignore that or include other categories (or in this case uncategorized releases). This is something that will need to be handled on Jackett’s side, Sonarr can’t do anything here.


But if Sonarr asks for results from specific categories how can Jackett return something that doesn’t have a category or it wasn’t asked for?


just to be clear.

when youre in jackett and you go into a manual search, set the tracker to the one your having issues with, there are no categories in the category dropdown? only any/select all?


Exactly, some torrents on this tracker don’t have a category. The same happens on their website.


thats going to be an issue as sonarr requires a category to send to the the indexer (via jackett in this case) to restrict the results to the correct category.

you could raise a feature request for sonarr to allow an empty category but i presume it would then have issues with anime unless they rearranged the UI (and all the underlying code) to have a type (normal or anime) and a category, not two lots of categories, then you could use an indexer that didnt bother with categories but unless theres a lot of those around its probably going to be extremely low in priority.

youre probably better off tying to convince the tracker to “fix” it on their end. others must have this issue, maybe theres something in their forums about it?


Jackett would need some sort of override. Or a way to map “uncategorized” to a specific category ID.

Jackett may also be able to map uncategorized things to a category on their side. I’m not sure that it does, just possible.

This isn’t something we’re going to implement for one indexer that isn’t working through Jackett, something else along the chain will need to be improved.


But this issue isn’t exclusive to Jackett, it can happen with Sonarr supported trackers.

In an ideal world all torrents would have a category.

That’s what I want, allow empty categories. What’s up with anime though?

I can find my torrents there, can’t Sonarr be able to do so?

As I’ve said this issue isn’t exclusive to Jackett indexers.


This is the first time I’ve ever heard that, you’re going to have to provide more information on that… This really sounds like you haven’t told Sonarr to check the category that the release is in, but I can only base this on what you’ve said because you’ve provided no meaningful information.

Empty categories would mean everything, which would result Sonarr trying to process all sorts of crap it doesn’t care about, not happening.


But that’s the problem, there is not a category