Sonarr does not reconise serie because of -

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OS: Synology
Description of issue:
I want to download the release that the naming is this: Vivy.Fluorite.Eyes.Song.SXXEXX.VOSTFR.1080p.WEB.x264-NoTag [95EC1A63]

The name of the anime is: Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-.

Because the release name does not contain the -, it do not reconise the serie.
I say that, because the only release I can see are release that the naming contain the -.

Parameter of the serie:

Quality Profile:

Release Profile:

Is there a option that can make reconise the release (like a similar naming option) I want to download with the serie?

Thank you very much

This is covered in the FAQ. An alias will need to be added to

From what I can see on this page, I do not see any information about Alias.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

The FAQ in the wiki.