Sonarr deleting episodes and folders automatically

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows

Debug logs:

Description of issue:
I am getting really wound up with this now. Sonarr keeps deleting episodes when they have finished downloading. They remain on the hard drive. Then soon as another episode downloads. It drops the lot. See the above logs for proof. I think its related to the renaming. I’m not sure. Can someone help please.

I have tried reinstalling 3x.

Last night i downloaded 2 seasons of The Osborne’s. According to SAB logs. Then when i checked the directory they were gone. I then asked Sonarr to search monitored. It filled SAB up with the same episodes. Downloaded 3. Then on the 4th episode deleted the entire Season 2 folder.

The logs don’t match this incident. As it happened before i searched the logs. As you can see in the logs it tries to rename an episode of Brassic. It fails to do so (i assume…) then says recycle bin not configured. permanent delete.

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