Sonarr deleting complete series at random

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Raspberry Pi OS Kernel 5.4
Debug logs: - Vikings Series folder - Witcher Series folder
Description of issue:

Hi - I am about 3 weeks into running Sonarr on my Raspberry Pi. Experience has been excellent so far until these series of events. I am hosting my files on a Drobo 5N and Sonar is running on the PI. I am finding that series that were up to date with episodes were one day empty and without any episodes on sonarr and, when checking the NAS the series folder, was completely gone as well.

Last week I lost the complete BoJack Horseman series and folder and thought i might have done something accidentally. Then it lost my son’s Tomica Earth Granner series and had to re-download it all again.

Today, I lost Witcher and Vikings and so I am coming here to seek help. Unfortunately, I had not turned on debug on the log files, but I have pastebinned the part of the log file that shows when Sonarr is scanning and appears to think it is ‘gone’ and deletes the episodes, folders and all. I have no other processes running against the series folders on the Drobo - Sonarr downloads to a completely different directory on the NAS.

I am also attaching the season history screenshot that shows that it decided to delete things that apparently did not exist.

I am hoping the group here can help me as this is obviously a frustrating experience so far.


The file was deleted outside of Sonarr, Sonarr removed it’s record of the file because of that, which is what you see in history.

If the file was deleted through/by Sonarr you’d have a history event indicating why it was removed, not the history event you’re seeing.

I’m not sure if there are any tools for auditing disk access to a specific folder, but based on the logs and screenshots it appears Sonarr is not responsible for the deletion.

Hi thanks for the reply.

Series getting deleted only started when I got my Raspi and I started running containers that are mounted to certain network shares on the Drobo. The only 2 containers that have access to the tv shows folder is Sonarr and Bazarr. Only other software that touches the TV shows folder is Transmission and Plex which run on the Drobo.

Would there be any situation that you think might occur where there is a break in the network connectivity to the NAS when it was scanning the tv shows folder causing irregular behavior to occur?

Have you checked to see if the files themselves have actually been deleted?

note - transmission should not be touching the tv shows folder, it should just be saving the completed downloads somewhere else, then sonarr will go and move the files from that location into the tv shows folder itself

could you also open say vikings s06e01 and check the actual history tab of that, it should show all the activity for that particular episode. if there is a trash icon (deleted) in there then check what the info icon says

i would expect if the entire root folder was lost while scanning it would abort but im not 100% sure, worse case its possible it might keep going and just remove all the “missing” files (from the database, not the folder), but if that happened you would expect it would pick them up again at the next scan (every 12 hours) presuming the root folder reconnected

Yes I have checked the whole NAS for the series that have been deleted and yes they have been. Folder and all.

Hi rhom,
Indeed i would also have assumed if the network drive disconnected and sonarr didnt see the root directory that it would not attempt to delete anything and wait to rescan again at another time.

As suggested, here is the screenshot of an episode that was mass deleted.

I have turned off any downloads folder deletion settings in an attempt to stop sonarr from doing any deleting to see if I am losing any more series.

according to that sonarr didnt delete the file, it just noticed it was missing from disk and removed it from the database. and its done it at least twice so far

even if you had the delete empty folders option enabled it wouldnt be able to do that as the path isnt available. ie if it cant scan because it isnt there then i dont see how it could delete

sonarr actually deleting the episode looks like this

theres also no grab or import actions in the history so it looks like sonarr is just keeping track of what turns up in the folders?

i’d be looking at how youre downloading the files and what is putting them into those folders. basically what processes/containers have delete access to that path