Sonarr Crashing since 5.14.2020

Sonarr version (exact version): (issue started either at or
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): V5.20.1.19
Debug logs:
Description of issue: When I stop and restart Sonarr from the QNAP App Center it works for a minute then crashes. Issue started on 5.14 (set to auto-install updates so could have been with or .809) and has not resolved with .822 update.

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Without redirecting the standard output and error to a file it’s impossible to know exactly what lead the the crash, but since it’s scanning the disk it may be a file that libmediainfo is choking on.

Thanks markus101. Your comment “it may be a file that libmediainfo is choking on” led me to troubleshoot by remove an episode that I recently ripped from a website using a google chrome add-on since I couldn’t find it anywhere else…turns out it was what was causing Sonarr to crash. Wish I knew why…but either way I’m glad it’s finally working. Thanks again!

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